What Aren’t Your Doctors Telling You?

At Pain Free Life we are committed to keeping young vulnerable children with developing brains and immune systems off of any drugs that have the very likely possibility to cause long term and irreparable organ and brain damage, and if our program is followed we usually have tremendous success in a short period, usually a week or two at the most. LED laser detox is one of the main tools we use for this type of issue.


Your child is most likely suffering from a nutritional deficiencies, food sensitivities and/or toxins hiding in the body.


Genetically modified foods (GMOs) covered in Glyphosate, food preservatives and chemicals are contributing to many of your child’s attention along with natural inflammatories like grains, sugar, and dairy, will impede focus, can cause sleep issues and even psychiatric symptoms.


For every medication that benefits a person, there is a natural plant or remedy that can achieve the same result without the consequence of side-effects.


Our emotions are largely controlled by the state of our intestinal system. There is more serotonin in our bowls than in our brains.


Research has shown that the brain has a remarkable amount of changeability. Brain training therapies such as neurofeedback, diet change, some supplements and emotional release work like Evox can make a very significant difference.


The body has a greater ability to heal than anyone has permitted you to believe and recovery is absolutely possible without potentially dangerous medication.