How Does It Work?

If you choose chemotherapy and/or radiation as a cancer treatment there are very often some pretty serious side effects often including crushing pain. When the body is distracted by significant pain it can be difficult for the body or your mind to focus on anything else. It will often cause someone to go into a state of cachexia (a medical term for starvation) which is leading cause of loss of cancer patients.

At Pain Free Life we have many pieces of equipment that can greatly reduce all kinds of pain that will usually stem from blocked energy points in the body and lack of static charge in the cells enhancing communication as well as add energy to the body to help fold proteins in the cells allowing nutrients to be taken into the cells.

Common Forms Of Pain: Joint Pain , (Arthralgias), Bone Pain, Muscle Pain (Myalgias)

Pain is the unpleasant sensory experience due to nerve or tissue damage. Pain may be a result of:

  • Injury – from a trauma (such as from falling down, a car accident)
  • Tumor invasion – A cancerous tumor may have invaded nerves, an internal organ (such as the liver or lung), or your bones, and caused pain.
  • Blood clots – in your legs, or in your lungs may have damaged nerve or tissue.
  • Infection – causing an inflammation of the tissues anywhere in the body
  • Other causes – There are many other diseases and medical conditions that may cause pain, such as thinning of the bones due to osteoporosis, (which may have also caused a fracture of the bones), or inflammation of the joints (arthritis).