What Is Laser Energetic Detoxification Therapy?

We use a detoxification procedure called Laser Energetic Detox (LED) extensively. We use it because it works.

Laser Energetic Detox (LED) is a therapy refined by Lee Cowden, MD, one of the most respected names in working with chronic illness and bio-energetic medicine, as well as a mentor to us.

Laser light is passed through a homeopathic vile, and distributed over the body in a sweeping fashion to effect a release or resolution of the issue being addressed. It is a highly effective rapid detoxification therapy that helps alter the way toxins affect the body. Some people improve in 24 hours, rather than in weeks or months.

In homeopathy we can create a nosode. A nosode is a remarkable dilute and energetic preparation of a particular substance; in this case we are using nosodes that are identical to the toxins we want to remove from the body. Often the substance has a noxious quality, such as a toxin or microbe. In the more traditional homeopathy of a century ago, the treatment of something like lead poisoning would involve giving a homeopathic nosode of lead.

The understanding was that the essence of the lead in the nosode would create a resonance with the Lead in the body. This would mobilize the lead and allow the body to excrete it. Lead, mercury and other heavy metals gets stuck in the bones and organs which is why they will not show up on traditional urine or blood tests without being chelated (a process for removing heavy metals from the body deep in the bone) first, so getting it moving is important. Now, we are using it to remove any substances we want, for instance, mercury, formaldehyde, chromium, or ANY other toxins we’ve identified through bio-resonance testing with ZTYO.